We are constantly told that we are not good enough. We need to improve, lose a few pounds, or impress someone to get the next job. Its exhausting, tiring. But if we let our guard down, we don’t achieve anything. Things don’t come easy. You need to work hard, that’s what we tell ourselves and our lives are evidence for it. We got that job at the end of the day because we did put in the effort. But the reason why we put in all these long extra hours, why we went the extra mile, while we lost the pounds and squeeze ourselves in tight jeans and put make up on is for one reason and for one reason only.

I just visited Paris, the city of love. I was making a conscious effort to see the love that the city has to offer. I did not see many couples kissing each other, holding hands, looking themselves deep in the eye at a coffee place, romantic dinners at the various restaurants or people having the aura of being in love walking down the big boulevards. There was no love in the air, neither on the streets of Paris. I can see how the city invites you to enjoy life, with a glass of good wine, where you sit and watch people walking buy as most chairs and tables are situated in a way that puts you in the middle of the rush of people walking buy. You are invited to enjoy the moment and taste life through a good glass of wine and food. It was more a search for love, in the buzz of a city that is trying to regain its life after Covid-19. As we sat on the stairs of Montmartre, a large hill in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, primarily known for its famous Basilica Sacre Cour on its summit, we suddenly listened to live music, people drinking beer and started talking to strangers sitting next to us. This is what I realized love is at its core – the connection between us humans – all around the world, where you realize how your stories all interrelate and how, in that moment, you spend some hours together, talking about your life, your past, present and future. This is what love is, our emotion within ourselves and how we express it with the world around us, that a job title will never give us. Be love every day.

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