Three years ago, I had a personal and professional crisis. I hit a massive roadblock, rock bottom. Now, I have created my dream life. These moments of rock bottom are that powerful and if there is one thing I want you to take away from mine, this is what.

The most powerful thing that you can ever learn in life is this: realize that you are not your thoughts. There is a way to get behind them into the operating system that produces them. With meditation over time, you catch yourself with your constant negative thoughts oscillating between the past and future. You realize your thoughts and narratives you are telling you are even deeply rooted in your childhood. You inner voice tells you what you are good at, what you should to and what leave aside. It influences our entire life and our decisions we make.

Time to take stock because we are what we think. If your thoughts are that relationships are hard work and that you need to satisfy someone else’s needs, you will likely pick a partner and work on this relationship? Will this a relationship that will feel easy? No, because you only deserve love when you work on it. That’s the message you tell yourself and that’s the person you will pick. We create our own reality. When you believe you are not good at your job, will you be confident to speak up, to take on new projects, to network with your boss to get a promotion? Probably not. You will be the first one to let go. Do you see what I mean?

What inhibits you from observing your mind is that you cannot see how the issues that come up in your life are created by you. If you are still stuck in the blame game, and its every one’s fault, then you are not ready yet. Its difficult to recognise and take that step to take ownership and responsibility. It requires you to essentially break a psychological mechanism, that is there to ensure our survival and security: our ego.

What also keeps us stuck is the difficulty to achieve that distance from our own thoughts. Training is required as we were going to the gym. The more you meditate, the more you are able to see your thoughts as if they were cars passing by. You have to train that muscle.

What is on the other side of this inner work, where you train your brain to think differently over time, is what I experience now: I am not entangled anymore in relationships, that cause me pain and suffering. I am able to let go more and more, as nothing is permanent, not the job and title I have. I am not all of that. I ask myself every day how I feel. That’s my priority. And then magic happens. People feel your energy. You attract in your life who you are.

Your emotions are like the spices of life: anger, love, sadness, and hate. We are all capable of feeling them. Its up to you how to chose to use them in your life, how you react to them and to live with the consequences.

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